This site includes ideas and images created over my lifetime.  None of them are professionally warranted or particularly polished but I am not ashamed of them.  They are essentially me.  Some of these ideas might very well be inappropriate or just plain wrong. To the extent that the reader is in substantive disagreement, no one would be more interested in hearing why than I, because I want to ‘know’ the truth about any matter for which I bother my brain.  The sharing of ideas is how we have all come to a better understanding of the world in which we live – how we come to know.  The expression of opinions must not be taken to inflate the ego of an individual in the sense of ‘winning’ an argument, nor frivolously to discredit the ideas of others; it is properly used as a step in coming to know. That is the intent of this site.

We are born into this world unknowing and unappreciative.  So in addition to coming to know, we come to appreciate the beauty of the universe around us.  We must acknowledge the blessing (in a non-religious sense) of having been given even this minor role in the vast time and scope of reality.  It was astronomically unlikely that it would have been we who were born, what with miniscule haploid possibilities and the limited likelihood of all the other precipitating events that led up to our birth; it was all extremely unlikely.  Having become who we are genetically rather than one of the kazillions of other possible zygotes that even our actual parents could have conceived and begotten on that self same night in the back seat of a car, it would be the ultimate ungratefulness not to exult in the lottery ticket we hold in our hands.  We are here now beholding images of splendor and horror, so why would we not attempt to represent that reality with scientific and/or artistic expression like singing, laughing, or crying out loud.  I know my creative attempts are not professional or perhaps even scientific or artistic in any fuller sense of those terms, but they are what I have seen and to which I have taken joy in reacting.  Major artists have a style; I don’t.  Some of my drawings are done one way, others another, but I express my impression of what I see or imagine seeing by showing the images to you.

We share our joy and sorrow of being with others – not just human beings, but all beings.  Dogs, cats, horses, and even a rooster have all been a major part of happiness and sadness for me and for the rest of my family.  My wife Kay made a special career out of training racehorses to be the best that they could be by sharing what she knew of fitness and racing strategy with them.  Her exceptional achievements and those of her horses are documented in her biography ‘They Called Her Wonder Woman’ in OTHER BOOKS on this site.