Scientific books

Many of the ideas discussed in the Bonn novels concern speculative scientific developments in physics. Those discussions are in the context of books that have been written or are being written by the protagonists. To accommodate a sense of reality in the novels, the author has advanced those scientific ideas and presented them in book form under the authorship of the protagonists. Thus. ‘Aberrations of Relativity’ is published as authored by Ray Bonn, etc. These books are most definitely not fiction; they are to be taken seriously; they explain phenomena that had never been adequately explained. The actual author (Fred Vaughan) warrants their legitimacy as concepts that should be considered as the more viable alternative to the theories they address. Legitimacy of investigation into such alternative formulation is discussed here.

These texts include an explanation of relativity from a visually observable perspective, an explanation of the origin of entropy based on what are shown to be irreversible interactions at the submicroscopic level of reality, explanations of observed cosmological phenomena that reject creation from nothing and introduction of dark matter and dark energy, and a merging of electrical and gravitational theories leading to a more comprehensive theory of matter as a unified electrical and gravitational field theory shedding new light on the indivisibility of the fundamental particles of nature. Also included in this collection is ‘The Relativity of Visual Observations’ attributed to the author himself in this case more or less as the conclusion to the skeptical essays and articles that had been included in Ray Bonn’s ‘Aberrations of Relativity’.

The monographs that formalize the conjectures addressed in the novel ‘Some Matters of Gravity’ include the mathematical formulation of the electrical and gravitational charge distributions that follow from proper solution of the Poisson boundary value problem using the legitimate zero boundary condition at the origin. Further ramifications involve modifications to ‘standard’ particle theory with regard to the composition of ‘up’ and ‘down’ quarks that comprise neutrons, protons, and even electrons in this revision of the standard theory. These monographs are works in progress and may undergo modification as work progresses.

Aberrations of Relativity
The Natue, Orgigin, and Profound Implications of Irreversibility
Cosmological Effects of Scattering in the Intergalactic Medium
Neoclassical Unification of Force Fields
The Logical Structure of Matter
The Relativity of Visual Observations