The Bonn Novels

Modernity has increasingly included an understanding of the sciences and the scientific method of achieving knowledge. Scientific thinking is a major aspect of all our lives and what we have become; the books we read and write must not ignore that aspect nor compartmentalize it out of the mainstream. That aspect of modern life must occupy an honored position in the literature that we read and write. Novels written by Fred Vaughan place it at center stage. His protagonists are actively engaged in investigations and debate concerning the nature of reality and the theoretical foundations of physics. Backstories of these protagonists include their written texts of theoretical considerations that back up their arguments as if actually in their own words. In this way Vaughan creates characters that are involved in ongoing scientific debate.

Scientists are real people. You know them. Some are extraverts, some introverts, some with good personalities and some with bad. You like them or dislike them — one at a time just like you do with everyone else. Their lives are as interesting as bullfighters, ballet dancers, gamekeepers, CPAs, or ballplayers, as varied and interesting or uninteresting as the Kareninas or the Babbits. They’re just people. Give them a chance.

Aberrant Behavior
Irreversible Processes
Cosmological Considerations
Some Matters of Gravity