December 2023

The Most Important Issue Isn’t How Well You Do It, But THAT You Do It at all.

This post is nothing more than a quote from Christopher Volpe who quotes Kurt Vonnegut who wrote Cat’s Cradle in addition to many other imaginative novels. This image is…Read more

Collaborating with ChatGPT on Preparation of a Technical Paper

So ChatGPT and I have become quite chummy. It writes these awesome Python programs for me that prove my various contended points. So I decided that although I know…Read more

Discussion with Chat GPT about Potatoes, Moons, and Mushrooms

You Is the term ‘potato’ sometimes used to indicate a low power computer?ChatGPT ChatGPT Yes, the term “potato” is sometimes informally used in the tech community to refer to…Read more

Losing Friends

December 1, 2021 On November 15th, 2020, Kelly died. One month later on December 16th, 2020, her husband and my good friend Rick Nelson died. Rick had been a…Read more