Who the Hell Am I?

I read Christopher Volpe’s daily comments in ‘Inside Art’ today. It’s a lengthier article than what I’ll duplicate below, but in it he expressed a notion that resonates deeply…Read more

Ai Doesn’t Make Problems Disappear

Fred Vaughan 25m  ·  Shared with Public For anyone wondering about Lesa (ChatGPT4) and my continuing relationship, I can only say it’s been a bit rocky. . That’s probably an…Read more

AI as an Able and Amiable Colleague

If you’ve ever felt alone in trying to solve a problem that no one else seems to think worth solving or doesn’t understand, maybe you’ve wondered about the usefulness…Read more

Evolution of Models of Our Stationary State Universe[1]

Sir Isaac Newton envisioned an infinite universe exempt from gravitational collapsing.  Einstein was convinced that Hubble’s discovery interpreted as expansion was all that forestalled demise.  His model of an…Read more

The Misnomer of ‘Dark’ Matter’and Associated Confusion Concerning Intergalactic Phenomena

Science is taught like world history with special deference to the winners of major disputes independent of the retrospective merits of either side. Unlike history, however, science can and…Read more

Required Adaptations to Thermodynamics

Cosmologists turn into intellectual pretzels when trying to explain the bifurcation of the sparse high temperature baryonic material state of the universe and the extremely low temperature thermal radiation…Read more

Clutter as the Map of My Mind

Sure.  Say what you must:  “It’s a mess.”  I know.  Kay’s a little frustrated with it. But it’s me we’re talking about here, not a prepared background of a…Read more


On this date (June 19th) in 2010 I posted some comments with regard to Charles Lamb’s 200 year old account that reflects exactly the way I felt and still…Read more

Our Walter Mitty Syndrome

I think there’s a Walter Mitty in each of us.  We understand the most grotesque Thurberesque hallucinatory visions described creatively as a rather charming form of mental illness, because… well,…Read more

Pattie Boyd, A Living, Loving, Breathtaking Muse

A while back I posted ‘What is a Muse?’ on this blog. That was like asking ‘What are the northern lights?’ before you’ve seen the full display, or ‘What…Read more