May 2024

Quantifying Partitions of a Stationary State Universe

The Poisson equation was at issue in the centuries long debate about whether an infinite stationary state universe would collapse under its own weight.  It describes the behavior of…Read more

The Seething Sea of Irrationality

Around the year 1637 Pierre de Fermat boasted: “To divide a cube into two cubes, a fourth power, or in general any power whatever into two powers of the…Read more

The Pleasure of Knowing It Already

After having posted the previous post on facebook, one of my facebook friends responded as follows: “Why do you post such material here rather than send it to a…Read more

Multiplicable Increases of Lensing Power

We tend to think of lenses as transparent localized regions in space where optical refraction or gravitational deflection occurs. Light transmitted through these regions will pass a point at…Read more

Relationship of Appearance to Structure (subatomic to cosmological)

An orchard in the distance may seem to be uniform greenish foliage, but when you drive by an orchard you witness first hand that there are certain angles at…Read more

One Nation

Once in a while something occurs that causes us to consider one’s own thought on the matter. The Washington State (in which I reside) Republican party (of which I…Read more