June 2024

Ai as Bs

We probably all know someone who absorbs information readily, whether from textbooks or travel guides, and spews it out ad infinitum when a key word or phrase triggers their inner…Read more

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man – Episode Two

Having done no portraits in eleven days says something about my current mental state.  Not a lot admittedly, but… At breakfast – which is our primary conversation setting.  I…Read more

Dreams of Reality

In a dream, you envision yourself a very clever and fortunate worm in the core of a ‘Granny Smith’ apple. You are endowed with X-ray vision so you can…Read more

Gravitational Lensing Through and Around Galaxy Clusters

Gravitational lensing smears images of more distant galaxies into crescent shapes within a few seconds of arc from the center of the lensing cluster and its own orbiting galaxies. …Read more

Rethinking the Venus of Willendorf

What was the prehistoric artist celebrating when he sculpted the Venus of Willendorf?  Did he or she perceive her as a deity, an ideal, as representative of female members…Read more

On the Honor of Having Been

I ran across this the other day; I cannot warrant its authenticity but it rings true for what Richard Dawkins might have said. It’s a theme I have reiterated…Read more