Creating Rather Than just Re-creating

Bill Davidson was a lawyer who decided to become a painter upon retirement. He has put out a video of his techniques (which I have not watched BTW) for which one of the teases is the following:

Trust your “creative mind to move shapes. Shift shapes. Connect some shapes. Whatever the scene needs, he can see it and begin to play with how the shapes all fit together. Bill encourages you to experiment with moving them. You are in control. You are *creating* the scene, not just *re*-creating it.”

I think this applies to almost everything — art in particular, of course — but everything. It is the value of a ‘life model’ rather than a friend or family member — your drawing doesn’t have to look like them; the person in your drawing is *THE* person. If a law of physics misses some aspect of phenomena, change it! Not in the sense of *re*doing what is flawed, but of *DO*ing it yourself from scratch!. If it ain’t quite right, do it right! That’s your role should you accept it.

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